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Australian Embassy in Dili Christmas Card Competition 2020

Open to all Primary School Children in Timor-Leste

Ambassador Peter Roberts needs your help designing a Christmas card!

Please use A4 size paper.  It must be your own original work. 

Please include your name, age, Suco and municipality, and family contact number along with your artwork. 

You can submit to the Embassy guard post, via Facebook Messenger (@AustralianEmbassyTimorLeste) or email [email protected]

Applications close Monday 16 November 2020.

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page and will have a Christmas present from Australia.  They will also have their artwork printed on the Ambassador’s Christmas Cards and displayed at the Australian Embassy in Dili.

For full terms and conditions see here



Embaixada Austrália iha Dili nia Konkursu Kartaun Natál 2020

Loke ba Labarik Estudante Eskola Primária hotu iha Timor-Leste

Embaixadór Peter Roberts presija ita boot nia tulun hodi dezeña kartaun Natál!

Favor uza surat tahan A4. Tenki ita boot nia serbisu ou dezeñu originál.

Favor inklui ita boot nia naran, idade, Suku no Munisípiu, no númeru kontaktu família nian hamutuk ho ita boot nia dezeñu.

Ita boot bele haruka mai iha postu seguransa Embaixada nian, liuhosi Facebook Messenger (@AustralianEmbassyTimorLeste) ou email [email protected]

Aplikasaun sei taka iha loron Segunda, 16 Novembru 2020.

Manan nain sira sei anunsia iha ami nia pájina Facebook no sei iha prezenti Natál hosi Austrália. Sira nia dezeñu sei imprimi hanesan Embaixadór nia Kartaun Natál no hatudu iha Embaixada Austrália iha Dili.

At hare detallu konaba termu no kondisaun sira, bele hare iha link nee



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Play School on TVE


The Australian Embassy is delighted to introduce Australia’s longest running children’s show ‘Play School’ – in Tetum – to audiences in Timor-Leste!  Produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Play School has been entertaining Australian children for over 50 years.  The special COVID-19 episode of Play School in Tetum will be screening on Televizaun Edukasaun (TVE) from Friday 5 June 2020. 


Enjoy it?  We’d love to hear from you!  Please send in a photo of your child enjoying Play School to [email protected].  By submitting a photo you and your child are giving permission for the photo to be used for publications and public relations activities, and are consenting to DFAT’s copyright and privacy terms.  Full details are available here (English) or here (Tetum).